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October 23 | 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time 

Gain Clarity
Gain clarity and practical next steps 
Live Fully Alive
Get Inspired to live fully alive in your passion and purpose 
Make a Difference
Get encouraged that You can make a difference in this world
Get Connected
Get connected to experts who believe in the true message of your heart
  • Tracey Lynn Russell
Hosted By:
Tracey Lynn Russell 
Tracey struggled for years considering herself just a minivan mom with a message in her heart and a big dream to share her story in Christian media to help others. While raising four children, God slowly opened doors to attend christian conferences, speak at church speaking events and write for magazines. Her dream finally came true as she shared her story of marital restoration in national media programs. She's been interviewed by Dr. James Dobson of Family Talk, Truth for a New Generation and The CounterCulture Mom Show. It’s her vision to empower 100k people with their story into kingdom action. She hosts a podcast The Heart of the Story with Tracey Lynn Russell on ITunes and has created a coaching program called The Art of MY Story, helping people communicate their story with confidence and clarity.. She wants you to know that God has given you a story to transform lives and most of all….she now drives a Jeep!
An inspiring mix of communicators and leaders with a proven track record to help evoke change and see results

  • Kim Avery,  business coach and author of the Prayer Power Entrepreneur
  • Jonathan Milligan,  author, blogger, speaker, and online business coach
  • John Ramstead, CPLC, ACC
  • Tina Griffin,  Counter Culture Mom
  • Alex McFarland, apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture analyst, and advocate for biblical truth
  • Kim Tschirret,  Founder and CEO of Hope Reins
  • Brianna Barnes, singer-songwriter, actor, and playwright based in New York City.
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